Photo by Andrew Jorgensen

Lightning in a Bottle 2016: Beats, Love, & Style

Monday, June 06, 2016

Paris Sinclair


  1. "THE KITTY TRACK" by Sacha Robotti ft. Vocals by Yours Truly!
    12 Nov, 2019
    "THE KITTY TRACK" by Sacha Robotti ft. Vocals by Yours Truly!
    It took a long time of patience of a year and a half for "The Kitty Track to finally be released. I remember being sick after Lightning in a Bottle, holed up in Sacha and mine's home studio, listening to this dark beat and improvising kitty words on the mic. We started this off as a fun project, never imagining it to create such a fantastic hype amongst the techno and house scene. During that time I was asked numerous times a day by people when the track was going to come out. Honestly I didn't
  2. Photo by Jacob Avanzato
    08 Sep, 2017
    When 30K People Come Together to Stare at the Sun: Oregon Eclipse 2017
    What happens when thirty thousand people come together to watch the Sun, Moon, and Earth align? In the Big Summit Prairie of Prineville, Oregon, 12 different festivals around the world came together for a week to create a unique new festival that held both a memorable planetary experience and a chance for spiritual awakening. The combined festival partnership allowed a coming together for a variety of different music, enjoyed by attendees that traveled all across the globe to join in light of
  3. My Favorite Festival Face Products & Quick Demo: Gold Glitz
    10 Feb, 2017
    My Favorite Festival Face Products & Quick Demo: Gold Glitz
    Hey guys! So I get a lot of questions from people asking me where I get my face gems and what products I use on my face at festivals. I made a quick little video talking about my favorite products and a short demo at the end to show how/where I use them. Heres the video: AND for those of you who don't care to watch youtube videos, I'll describe the products briefly here :) The first thing I love is my favorite glitter which is an environment friendly, biodegradable glitter called
  4. End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 1
    28 Dec, 2016
    End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 1
    As the year finally comes to an end, I find myself reminiscing on all the phenomenal experiences I was blessed to have and the events that helped bring significant growth. Living vicariously as an avid festival goer, I am ecstatic that my hobby and passion have become a part of my current and future career. Here is a little recap of the festivals I attended in 2016 and the looks I curated for each one! Gem n Jam: Set in Tuscon, AZ during Valentines day weekend, I made sure to follow the theme
  5. End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 2
    28 Dec, 2016
    End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 2
    BURNING MAN: I am at a loss for words when it comes to Burning Man. It's unlike any festival with a week long venture on a historical playa filled with tons of art, out of this world fashion, and of course...fire. The survival part brings overwhelming and transformational obstacles, but by the end you leave feeling like a whole new person. It is by far my favorite and it'll always be home for me.  Here are some of my looks!: Top by Frequency Collection, skirt by LoveTribeStyle Outfit by
  6. Photo by Jacob Avanzato
    05 May, 2016
    Further Future 2016
    When I first heard about Further Future, I was really excited to try it out because of the futuristic theme. Since it's still a new festival, I knew that it wasn't going to be packed and I really liked that about it. Set in Las Vegas, Nevada, about 45 minutes away from The Strip, FF made partying in the desert really exciting and different. The festival is run by Robot Hearts, and if you've ever attended Burning Man, then you know what Robot Hearts is. There were two stages, one big main stage
  7. Desert Hearts (Spring) 2016
    21 Apr, 2016
    Desert Hearts (Spring) 2016
    Coming back to my favorite festival thus far, Desert Hearts spring festival really killed it in every way possible. Going from Thursday until Monday with 72 hours of nonstop techno, I found myself dancing until sunrise almost every night. I have never attended a festival with so much love and genuineness from its people. All weekend I experienced nothing but pure kindness, found myself laughing until I couldn't breathe and hugging anyone and everyone. People there know how to party, and safely
  8. Serenity Gathering 2016
    29 Mar, 2016
    Serenity Gathering 2016
    I had one of the most intense and emotional weekends of my life at Serenity Gathering. The lessons I learned were life changing, and the healing process was hard, but much needed. Set in Joshua Tree State Park, there were lots of jumping cacti and large Joshua trees, and believe me I saw quite a few people run into both! There were three stages, which were quite a walk away from each other, but the terrain wasn't too bad.  The musical lineup was amazing, Shpongle, Emancipator, Pumpkin (RIP),
  9. Desert Hearts (Fall) 2015
    14 Nov, 2015
    Desert Hearts (Fall) 2015
    When it comes to choosing my absolute favorite music festival, Desert Hearts takes the trophy, hands down. With only one stage and 100 hours of nonstop techno house music, the festival easily allows everyone to interact with one another to spread just PURE love and good vibes. The fall festival, taking place in San Diego California gets quite a bit chilly, down to the 30's at night and a high of 60-70 in the day. I found myself sleeping in my car the first night with the heater on, I couldn't
Photo by Andrew Jorgensen