My Favorite Festival Face Products & Quick Demo: Gold Glitz

My Favorite Festival Face Products & Quick Demo: Gold Glitz

Friday, February 10, 2017

Paris Sinclair


  1. End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 1
    28 Dec, 2016
    End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 1
    As the year finally comes to an end, I find myself reminiscing on all the phenomenal experiences I was blessed to have and the events that helped bring significant growth. Living vicariously as an avid festival goer, I am ecstatic that my hobby and passion have become a part of my current and future career. Here is a little recap of the festivals I attended in 2016 and the looks I curated for each one! Gem n Jam: Set in Tuscon, AZ during Valentines day weekend, I made sure to follow the theme
  2. End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 2
    28 Dec, 2016
    End of the Year Festival Recap pt. 2
    BURNING MAN: I am at a loss for words when it comes to Burning Man. It's unlike any festival with a week long venture on a historical playa filled with tons of art, out of this world fashion, and of course...fire. The survival part brings overwhelming and transformational obstacles, but by the end you leave feeling like a whole new person. It is by far my favorite and it'll always be home for me.  Here are some of my looks!: Top by Frequency Collection, skirt by LoveTribeStyle Outfit by
  3. Photo by Andrew Jorgensen
    06 Jun, 2016
    Lightning in a Bottle 2016: Beats, Love, & Style
    I'm not going to lie...Lightning in a Bottle got a bit rough for me this year. Coming back to this festival, I was well acquainted with what to expect in regards of the vibes, music, and fashion. However, I was not prepared for the drastic changes that would take place for my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Nearly all of my friends went this year so it was an event that I just could not miss out on, and in the end, I'm happy I didn't. As a festival that has grown significantly
  4. Photo by Jacob Avanzato
    05 May, 2016
    Further Future 2016
    When I first heard about Further Future, I was really excited to try it out because of the futuristic theme. Since it's still a new festival, I knew that it wasn't going to be packed and I really liked that about it. Set in Las Vegas, Nevada, about 45 minutes away from The Strip, FF made partying in the desert really exciting and different. The festival is run by Robot Hearts, and if you've ever attended Burning Man, then you know what Robot Hearts is. There were two stages, one big main stage
  5. Desert Hearts (Spring) 2016
    21 Apr, 2016
    Desert Hearts (Spring) 2016
    Coming back to my favorite festival thus far, Desert Hearts spring festival really killed it in every way possible. Going from Thursday until Monday with 72 hours of nonstop techno, I found myself dancing until sunrise almost every night. I have never attended a festival with so much love and genuineness from its people. All weekend I experienced nothing but pure kindness, found myself laughing until I couldn't breathe and hugging anyone and everyone. People there know how to party, and safely
  6. Serenity Gathering 2016
    29 Mar, 2016
    Serenity Gathering 2016
    I had one of the most intense and emotional weekends of my life at Serenity Gathering. The lessons I learned were life changing, and the healing process was hard, but much needed. Set in Joshua Tree State Park, there were lots of jumping cacti and large Joshua trees, and believe me I saw quite a few people run into both! There were three stages, which were quite a walk away from each other, but the terrain wasn't too bad.  The musical lineup was amazing, Shpongle, Emancipator, Pumpkin (RIP),
  7. Desert Hearts (Fall) 2015
    14 Nov, 2015
    Desert Hearts (Fall) 2015
    When it comes to choosing my absolute favorite music festival, Desert Hearts takes the trophy, hands down. With only one stage and 100 hours of nonstop techno house music, the festival easily allows everyone to interact with one another to spread just PURE love and good vibes. The fall festival, taking place in San Diego California gets quite a bit chilly, down to the 30's at night and a high of 60-70 in the day. I found myself sleeping in my car the first night with the heater on, I couldn't
  8. Symbiosis Gathering 2015
    25 Sep, 2015
    Symbiosis Gathering 2015
    Symbiosis was another festival that I was peer pressured into trying out. Again, I had absolutely no regrets. Many people described it as "Burning man on spring break" and that is exactly how it felt like! Set in Oakdale, California, the festival was surrounded by several small lakes with art boats and installations in the water that you could ride on. You were more than welcome to cool down in the water during the day and wear some lighter coat options at night if you felt chilly. Overall, the
  9. Burning Man 2015
    10 Sep, 2015
    Burning Man 2015
    There really is no way to describe the full experience of Burning Man. I personally couldn't count it as a music festival, but a community filled, week long venture in the desert made to destroy your old self and give birth to a new one.  The challenges one comes across in the Playa are unlike any other festival. There is no money involved, no food or clothing vendors. The entire experience is made to rely on yourself and your camp for survival.  Set in Black Rock City, Nevada, Burning Man is